Secure the Irreplaceable Usb Drives in this age?

Secure the Irreplaceable USB Drives in this age?

USB drives came into existent a decade or more an ago and since then, it hasn’t faced much competition. If you are part of either the moving world or simply an individual USB is a necessity for all of us. It helps us in transferring data or carrying data with ourselves from one place to another.

Our needs expand to as long as our eyes can see. From students to full-time employees, researchers to travelers, all are in need of this tool that is handy, portable and easy to use. Since it has attracted a lot of attention, some attraction has emerged from the prying eyes.  On many occasions, we use these drives to carry information that is confidential and even use public PCs to access them. Here, we lose the privilege of keeping our data confidential as when we insert these drives into public PCS, our drives get filled with viruses that make our drives unreadable.

Hence, USB drives surely are a thing of beauty, but it has its limitations as well.For this reason, we concluded a research on USB security software which would allow you to password protect your data stored in drives easily.

USB Secure Review:

USB secure encrypts the data stored on the portable media and encrypts the data.  You can lock and unlock your device whenever needed and unlock a few files and lock the rest. But know that indications are given on which files are locked and which aren’t where you are a bit open to those who you do not trust. This feature is a bit far from being needed and in my opinion, only becomes a way of telling the hacker whether the file they want to hack is safe or unsafe at the moment. Usb secure is also available for free trial & download at

The installation process asks you to insert your drive or plugged in to make sure software gets installed properly. This is the first and the last step of installation as no further hectic are needed. (Which we liked the most).


Virtual drive option:

You can access your files by choosing between just accessing the locked files in a virtual drive or unlocking them completely. Its plug and play feature is useful in the case where you fear data loss (when your drive is removed from PC abruptly).

Lost and found info:

In case if you lose your device, someone can contact you with the info you saved. Truly a needed feature.

Works on all disk types:

It works on NTFS/FAT/FAT32 and external drives all protected with password protection feature.


It has large buttons which makes it easy to read and easy to use. It has a touch of blue which is a bit too much and flashy. It provides options for setting up a password, locking unlocking files, and more. If you like colors, USB secure won’t create many problems for you and would be pleasant for your eyes.


  • Autoplay option to run autoplay on a given USB drive.
  • Unlock all files or unlock files separately
  • Once files are stored on a flash drive, they are locked.


You can see which files are locked or unlocked which becomes an advantage to people who are searching for data from which they can reap benefit out of. If they know, there is a file currently in the unlocked state, you can imagine the consequences.

Final Words:

Overall, USB secure has a positive image in doing what they do best. If compared, it has more pros as compared to cons and delivers exactly as promised.

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