SEO Reseller Program – Breaking some common methods

The market for SEO Reseller services is growing in North America, thanks to continuous updates being made by Google in its search engine algorithms. This grow this also being fuelled by an optimization of the Seo Reseller Program that has over the years outgrown itself and is now quite mature to cater to the needs of advertising and digital agencies, content marketing firms, online marketing professionals and other online content aggregators. However, despite this growth and its promising future, there are some method surrounding it that need to be broken:

1 – Quality and experience

It’s a fact that the quality of work delivered in an SEO Reseller Program is far better and superior to that offered by any SEO freelancer, SEO consultant or an in-house SEO professional. That happens because in an SEO Reseller Program the work is outsourced to a professional SEO agency that assigns a team of experienced Google certified SEO professionals, content writers, software developers and web designers to work on it. The team understands SEO like the back of its hand and works as a whole to build and implement customized strategies for your business. This effort grows organic traffic to your website quickly and far outstrips any benefits that an individual SEO professional might offer you.

2 – Communication

In an SEO Reseller Program communication and reporting is guaranteed. Moreover, you get reports at a fixed interval so you can easily compare performance on a weekly, monthly or a quarterly basis. In an SEO Reseller Program, the team communicates in fluent English – both written and spoken and is available 24/7 to address any questions. Freelance SEOs may not offer you so much attention as they are busy.

3– Content

In an SEO Reseller Program new and relevant content is created regularly by the team. On the other hand, freelance SEOs or SEO consultants are not able to write articles and blogs on their own and so are not suited to handle content related tasks. This is a big disadvantage.

4 – Quality backlinks

It is a fact that the SEO experts in an SEO Reseller Program are able to build quality backlinks on trusted, quality websites and not low-quality guest posts or spammy press releases. This is important because Google scrutinizes backlinks and categorizes the websites accordingly.

 5 – SEO best practices

In an SEO Reseller Program best practices are followed and care is taken so that:

–              Keywords are not stuffed in the text.

–              Hidden or same color text is not inserted in the text.

–              Content is not plagiarized.

Freelance SEOs or SEO consultants typically outsource their content writing activities and so have little control over its quality.

6 – Time for consulting services and other activities

Freelance SEOs typically take up more work that they can deliver and so they are short of time for consulting services. If you call them:

–              They would be busy on other projects.

–              They will not have immediate answers on your project.

–              They might not be available.

–              If something is not working out, they will shift the blame to Google.

–              They have little control over the quality of content.

–              They may not be proficient in social media marketing.

On the other hand, in an SEO Reseller Program, there is a dedicated team assigned to the project, work is divided within the time and carried out in a timely way.

7 – Reporting and strategizing

It is a fact that in an SEO Reseller Program reporting and strategizing is factual and future oriented:

–              A dedicated project manager with multiple resources is assigned to your project.

–              Your website is analyzed, shortcomings are noted and links cleaned up.

–              A mid to long term SEO strategy is built including social media strategy that includes:

–              Building real contextual backlinks

–              Citation building for local SEO

–              Voice search

–              Keywords search

–              Content marketing strategy including blogs

–              White hat tactics including on-page optimization

–              Pricing is transparent

–              Reporting is on time and transparent 


From the above study it is clear that there are myths surrounding an SEO Reseller Program that need to be broken.  The fact is that an SEO Reseller Program is far superior to any services performed by SEO freelancers, or SEO professionals or consultants.

Myself Mouzzam Jafri I have 5+ years of experience in IT Industry. My passion is in writing about Internet Marketing Currently I am writing about how to choose Ecommerce Seo Services  and SEO Company India.

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