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9 SEO Strategies Effectively Boost Organic Traffic in 2020

When it comes to SEO strategies, many people generate content on various topics and desperately hope for them to go viral. Or, they create tons of social media posts and add trending hashtags to get more organic traffic. But coming up with a dedicated and well-planned SEO campaign is what is needed. 

While designing an SEO campaign, people get confused about prioritizing. They are not sure which SEO trick is going to be more effective than the other. Just like I am confused about whether Spectrum TV streaming will fit my entertainment preferences or a regular TV package.

When you are in business, this uncertainty won’t do you any good. You need to be sure about high and low priority strategies in your SEO campaign.

To Drive Massive Organic Traffic, Try These 9 SEO Tactics

  1. Leveraging Influencers for SEO.
  2. Make Use of Snippets.
  3. Secure Websites Are Essential.
  4. Optimizing Websites for Voice Search.
  5. Prioritize High-Quality Content.
  6. Use More Video Content.
  7. Your Rankings Will be Determined by Mobile UX.
  8. Dwell Time and CTR Will Be Important Ranking Factors.
  9. The Demand for Excellent Digital Experiences.

Leveraging Influencers for SEO

On the internet, people feel overwhelmed by pushy ads. They are more interested in authentic information from a trust-worthy source. This led to the trend of leveraging influencers. Users are more likely to watch and engage with a person well known for his craft or expertise than they are with an intrusive ad. Media companies and digital marketers have substantially increased their investment in the influencer market. Why? Because they have achieved excellent results with it. Consider investing in this strategy.

Make Use of Snippets

Featured snippets are dominating the search clicks. This is a part of Google’s evolution in recent years to deliver an improved user experience. Featured snippets appear above the top organic result. This position is known as Position 0. The users skim the info in a glimpse and are likely to engage with the site. You can drive more clicks to your site by leveraging this feature. Provide clear and crisp answers to frequently asked questions on your site. And Google will determine the quality and will rank and display your featured snippets. Don’t take this strategy lightly. Featured snippets are currently driving more than half clicks on Google.

Secure Websites Are Essential

Another prevailing trend in 2020 is user safety. Although it doesn’t have to do anything with SEO directly, it is important when it comes to website user experience. The user is likely to leave your website quickly if he doesn’t feel safe. Most users don’t proceed to a site after getting a “Not Secure” warning notification. This results in high bounce rates and can affect your site’s position in the organic search listing.

Make sure that on your website, you have enabled HTTPS protocol to ensure a secure connection. It has to be both, authenticated and encrypted.

Optimizing Websites for Voice Search

The use of innovative smartphones has introduced the trend of voice searches. Users prefer making voice searches instead of plugging keywords in the search engines. And that goes for smartphones, home voice assistants, and so on.

Optimize your site for voice search should be one of your key SEO strategies. You will see a massive boost in organic traffic by implementing conversational searches into your SEO strategies.

Prioritize High-Quality Content

Online ads are becoming more and more expensive. And they are not even very promising when it comes to customers interacting with those ads. Therefore, creating high quality and original content is going to be an essential element of an effective SEO strategy. Relevant, well-researched, timely, and helpful content with a logical structure remains to be high-demand. And Google rewards such content with high rankings.

Use More Video Content

Video content is highly trending. People prefer watching an enlightening video instead of skimming large chunks of monotonous text. For instance, YouTube has emerged as a new TV. Millennials and younger users clearly prefer videos to seek information as well as for entertainment purposes. Keep video content on the radar for your refined SEO strategy. Make sure your videos are dynamic and engaging just like your other content. Also, make sure you optimize your video content for user searches.

Your Rankings Will be determined by Mobile UX

You can lose tens of thousands of users if you don’t have a mobile-optimized website. Mobile pages are trending and users of every age, especially millennials and younger users are habitual of making all sorts of searches and browsing on their smartphones. Smartphones are becoming more advanced with better connectivity and are hence more convenient to use.

Make sure your website is mobile-optimized because it is going to play a role in your ranking.

Dwell Time and CTR Will Be Important Ranking Factors

People have become accustomed to blazing-fast internet and info right on their fingertips, CTR (click-through rate) and dwell time or the amount of time a user spends on your web page will matter more when it comes to the success of all your SEO strategies.

Both of these metrics are important. They give insight into the satisfaction level of your web searchers.

The Demand for Excellent Digital Experiences

Users highly demand easy-to-use interfaces and fast loading times. No matter how incredible your content is if your website has a slow load time and a complex user, interface, the users will quickly leave it. It is a well-known fact that users are likely to leave a page if it doesn’t load in a few seconds. It will affect your rankings. From an SEO perspective, this can cause a huge loss in your business. This is like my worst nightmare of not getting a response from my Spectrum Phone Number in case of an internet issue. especially when I’m on the clock.

So, put in some effort to create an easy-to-use interface and improve your page loading time.

Addison Albert
Addison is a digital marketing expert and business developer at He loves to write on internet marketing, social media marketing and how to improve online business tips. To know more about his work follow him on his social platforms.


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