Why Facebook?

Facebook addiction is most common because of the following facts. Facebook rules the Internet social media with 2.13 billion Monthly Active Users (MAU) in the 4th Quarter of the year 2017 with a handsome yearly increment of 14%. The majority of these social media users are the youth, the teenaged kids. Nearly half of the world can be found on Facebook which makes it the most significant social media sites in terms of any kind of influence over people.

The Facebook platform is developed to allow and facilitate connectivity between people but under its mask of popularity and utility it has become a well-known fact that Facebook is highly addictive and leads to social isolation which results into psychological disorders like depression–not to mention the other diseases that are linked with lack of proper exercise for being couch potatoes in front of a computer screen with Facebook on it.

Signs that your Teen is addicted to Facebook

The following are the telltale signs and clues that will give you a hunch whether your child is addicted to Facebook or not.

The Emotional Connection

Look for emotional signs because they are the most powerful element that creates addiction. If your teenaged kid smiles or becomes unhappy with the continuous gaze at the computer screen with Facebook on it, you can be sure that he or she is going head on towards Facebook addiction.

The urgency to Check the Smart Phone


The teenager who looks at his mobile phone every now and then especially when he or she wakes up in the morning and it has become the most important thing in his or her life. The urgency can be evident when the kid never completes his or her conversations and stays on the wheels to check Facebook notifications even during the meals on the dinner table.     

High Frequency of Facebook Page visits during the same day

The teen will visit the Facebook pages repeatedly that can bare the signs of Facebook addiction. The question arises, how you can find out how your teenager is using Facebook. The answer lies in the spy app TheOneSpy. You can use this software to tap your teen’s device and get videos whenever the kid uses Facebook and sends it over to the TheOneSpy web portal where you can see and analyze this vital information. More on this later on as you read on.

Bathroom usage of Mobile Devices

Your teen takes his or her mobile phone whenever he or she goes to the bathroom to use Facebook to update his or her status. It is definitely an extreme level of Facebook addiction.

Facebook Status Update Anxiety

Notice the feeling of anxiety, nervousness, or guilt when the teenager skips for some reason to update his or her status on Facebook. These are clear signs that the teen already has an addiction.

Waking Up Late

If the kid wakes up late and most of the time he or she is late for school then if he is a normal healthy individual i.e. free from any psychological problems that there are bright chances that your kid is waking up late at night using Facebook. If this is true he or she has a high chance of acquiring a malicious psychological disorder.

Comments from Friends and Families about Facebook usage

Look for what the family and friends make comments to your kids about his or her Facebook usage. If they are commenting that he or she is spending too much time on Facebook than be sure that your son or daughter is hooked on Facebook.

Facebook at school


The kid is using Facebook in school also. You are hearing complains that your son or daughter is caught multiple times using Facebook in class. He or she continues to use it even if it is not permitted. He or she may bunk school or classes and skip home works. These are self-definitive and clear signs of Facebook addiction when a kid overweight Facebook usage against more important activities in life.

How Can TheOneSpy can help

TheOneSpy gets installed easily on digital devices either mobile or desktop. Make sure that you install it on your kid’s Android mobile device or Windows-based PC or a MAC. Once you do that you will able to monitor all the Facebook messages  (including a long list of other social media) activities that your kid performs to take measures to rationalize his or her Facebook and social media usage before things get out of hand. TheOneSpy not only gives you updated information in the form of videos and screen snapshots of the Facebook usage of your kid’s device it also will aid you to block Facebook apps and the websites on the devices that your kid uses.


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