Social Media Dangers for Teenagers

Social Media Dangers for Teenagers

Social media is without the shadow of the doubt is modern times Genie. You just need to install the instant messaging apps on the cell phones whether android or IOS or others. Then make an account and then get started and interact with the whole world. It further enables a user to make conversations via text messages, chat conversations, audio, and video conversations shared media such as photos and videos and last but not least send Voice messages. You can do those activities with the help of contemporary social messaging apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, line, Vine, Tinder, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and others alike.

All these services and its features are free and users only have to have a stable internet connection on their cell phones and gadgets. On the other hand, the young generation is very fond of social networking apps and they always lurk towards their cell phone screen and use the instant messengers for many reasons such as to make friends online and then to have a blind date with them. These types of activities of kids and teens on social media apps can put them into real danger.

Social networking apps and the common dangers for teens

The use of mobile phones and gadgets such as tablets, pads, and tabs connected to the internet and the use instant messengers by the teens can put them into such vulnerabilities that can harm them physically, emotionally and mentally. Let’s discuss the common social media dangers for teens.

Encounter with cyberbullies

Cyberbullies have become more techs –savvy than the teens and kids and they always try to harm them online using social messaging apps. Cyberbullying is one of the most dangerous online phenomena that harms teens in such a way they got depression, anxiety, psychological disorders due to humiliation via sexual and abusive language and further they have to absorb anger that damages their mental level fully. Online bullied victims start living separately from their peers and don’t want to visit the school because online bullied could be their real-life bullies as well such as their fellows and even the people from the streets.

Trapped by the stalkers

Social media apps are full of a stalker who always lurks towards kids and teens online. They initially behave like a real gentleman and try to win the trust of target teens. Once they have got the trust, then they ask for personal contact other than the social messaging app and then gradually ask for the real-life meeting for sexual means. At the end of the day, young teens got trapped and get cheated by the stalker.

Get raped by the sexual predators

There is the number of cyber predators that trap teens online to have fun in real –life and most of the teens being adventures got trapped and commit to meet them in real –life. Sexual predators could be the serial killer and sexual abusers. So, they meet teens in real –life and offer them to have drug abuse and then rapped teen in a gang and often stories that have been reported that teens have lost their lives being stalked by the sexual predators.

Presence of pedophilia

Pedophilias are the people that are psychologically ill and they often fulfill their sexual needs from young kids. They are also available on social media where they trap kids online and get complete information and then chase children in real-life in order to abuse them.

Health issues

The excessive use of social media makes young kids and teens obsessed with social media platforms. They view their notifications, likes on their photos, comments and messages number of times within a couple of minutes. However, they spend hours and hours on instant messaging apps and at the end of the day, they got serious health issues such as depression, lack of sleep and got sleeping disorders and even got the psychological disorders such ill eating habits.

Adoption of bad habits

One night stand or uncommitted sex has become a culture in which young teens use pickup young girls and boys online for sexual means. This kind of habit turned them a lusty and barbarian for having sex with the opposite gender.

How can you protect the teen’s social media dangers?

Simply, install the cell phone parental control app on your target cell phone devices of kids and teens connected to the internet. Furthermore, you just need to use the parental control tool such as IM’s social media that enable you to view IM’s logs such chat conversations, text messages, shared media files such as photos and videos and even you can monitor WhatsApp Voice messages, Facebook Voice calls and Telegram voice messages. However, you can view the screen activities of the target mobile phone to monitor social messaging apps running on the screen with the help of the Live screen recording tool of the mobile phone surveillance app for androids.


Don’t bother and make a headache for yourself that what kids and teens are doing on social networking apps. Simply use the mobile phone parenting app and get access to the target cell phone and get access to all the social media hidden activities of teens.

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