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Some Douchey Things You Must Avoid In An Event

Concerts and events are such platforms that allow an individual to showcase their hard work in front of everybody. It is an outstanding opportunity for someone to bring out the best of him and show it to others. If we talk about live concerts, it comes out as blessings to us to experience the vibe of those whom we adore. Every time I visit a concert or an event, there are two things very common—first, a fantastic performer who is putting all his efforts to make it up for us. Second, an intolerable group of people trying their best to ruin the event for everyone who is near to them.

We should respect the opportunity that someone is having and hence follow some ground rules whenever we head to events in Honolulu or any other place for that matter. Have a look at some unacceptable behavior given below that you should avoid:

Laughing and Talking Loudly

If I talk about a musical event, people love music, and they might love shouting at that moment. It’s better not to get carried away when it comes to enjoying the event with your friends. Avoid raising voices and laughing loudly as it might sound somewhat disrespectful for the person standing on the stage.

Not Putting the Phone on Silent

Some events are done peacefully including a solo performance. The audience begins immersing themselves into the melodious music, and suddenly a phone rings loudly overall. Now what happens is that people get distracted towards the phone, and it is also a sign of disrespect for the person who is performing.

Snapping Unlimited Pictures

We all understand your excitement to show it to everybody that you have been to a fantastic show. It’s cool to click a picture and then post it on Instagram or Facebook. But once you have snap do one picture or ten pictures, give your phone rest and then enjoy the event. Clicking, again and again, means that you are less interested in the event and more in boasting that you are at an awesome event.

Focusing Somewhere Else

Another thing which is hugely out of control is that people looked down at their phones while somebody is performing. If you have come to a show, it’s a good thing to be on the same. It’s quite irritating that people start chatting for using Instagram during a performance. Remember that you have bought a ticket and occupied a place that could have gone to somebody who was more attentive. If you are the one busy on their phone, it’s better to leave the crowd as you are not there anyway.

Screaming Names

It is good to show love and support for the person you like so that he gets encouraged. Make sure you are not to shout at the wrong time. It’s better to shout the names before the program starts and after it has ended, but not in the middle of a performance. It actually describes a lot.

Dressing too Casual

We understand that casuals make you more comfortable but wearing it in a popular concert or event makes no sense. Try to avoid wearing shorts and slippers and ask your friends not to do this as well.

Coming Late

You cannot do anything about the bad traffic, but you can get out of your home a bit early so that you can reach the venue 5 to 10 minutes before the program starts.

Certain things should be in your mind before even typing events near me‘ on any search engine. You must have respect for the organizers as well as the performers who are putting their time and effort for you. Why not make the concerts more enjoyable by putting this little effort?

Muhammad Ibrahim
Muhammad Ibrahim is a Digital Marketer and Blogger. He has prime-time expertise in content development, creation, and management. His interests include writing on technology, business, tech gadgets, and artificial intelligence.


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