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Support for software and technology developers

In this time of crisis, when economic resources for the most essential services are scarce, everyone wonders to what extent resources should be devoted to seemingly minor issues such as the development of technologies and software.

But it is precisely now when from the society and from its elites there must be voices that defend the need to bet on the training of new developers and researchers of technologies and software. Nowadays, and in the future, the difference between the prosperous countries and those that will never prosper will be the amount of their GDP that they invest in research and development activities.

Income to develop their technological heritage

Right now the areas of the world that devote a greater percentage of their income to develop their technological heritage are curiously the most advanced at all levels. Western countries have always been pioneers and have made great bets for technological development and lately countries like China that is struggling to achieve global hegemony bet and invest in the incorporation of technology developers to their labor market.

In Spain, investment in technology is below the European average and there are regions such as Andalusia where investment is less and where the impulses to promote the training of developers must be even greater.

In this sense, one of the technology industries in which I think we should emphasize is the development of video games. Gone are the days in which to play games you needed expensive computers that were not available to almost anyone. Today thousands of platforms have been developed that allow anyone to play video games anytime, anywhere. The tablets, iPhone app Development Company, netbooks, eBooks, laptops, etc. are today a fun platform for the user but also a sales platform for the video game developer.

In this sense, the administration must take a very proactive role and provide communication platforms, resources, and knowledge. Or create eBooks focused on this sector

Another type of private institutions has been supporting entrepreneurs in technology development for many years. For example the Business Institute

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The tasks that seem most relevant to me right now are the following:

Link the development industry to universities so that new talent can be incorporated into technology development and production environments

Establish and establish links and links between the different elements of the technology development industry

Promote the training of technology developers of all kinds. Software, hardware, kitchen tools, etc.

Provide free resources to young talents

Support financially (credits with low-interest rates or interest 0%) technology development projects driven by young entrepreneurs from the community

I have previously commented that I see the greatest opportunities for technology development in the video game industry. We are now living a little what happened at the beginning of video games where proliferated many small companies formed by a small group of young developers and that launched great products on the market.

Subsequently, the companies became professional and began to create large corporations that developed games that required millions of Euros of investment. The young developers, in this case, had to start working for these big companies since the investment needed to launch a new development project was too big to be assumed.

However, the proliferation of gaming platforms has made the gameplay begin to prevail over the power of graphics, which has made small groups of young programmers consider setting up a small company and selling small games through the platforms. Of google or apple that maximize the exposure of your products and guarantee you an economic return

Games like angry birds exemplify what I say. It is a simple game whose development does not require much investment. It is not software in which you have to invest a lot of money … And yet it has triumphed and is generating a lot of money for its creators. This is the example to follow. Ideas that do not require much investment. Bring the talent of local developers together with small grants and training by the administration and everything will be done.

And although I think the focus should be on the video game industry because of the speed of return that can be obtained, we should not forget other industries or technologies that also have their interest and a large team of young developers waiting for their opportunity to contribute their granite of sand.



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