VidPaw 2019 Review: The Best Free Online Video Downloader

Today, online videos have become a part of our daily lives. We will meet or use videos almost everywhere, for example, upload videos to YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram to share the moments in our lives; watch TV shows, movies, funny video clips on video streaming platforms to spend our free time. Because of online video […]

The Guide to Make A Billion Dollar iPhone App

Ever wonder the secret to building a million dollar app. An Idea! You need to ponder on the needs of the market and its customers. You must know the loopholes and all the vacant places available in the industry where you can step in to generate new outcomes and open avenues. Hush Don’t Share! Some […]

Support for software and technology developers

In this time of crisis, when economic resources for the most essential services are scarce, everyone wonders to what extent resources should be devoted to seemingly minor issues such as the development of technologies and software. But it is precisely now when from the society and from its elites there must be voices that defend […]

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