5 Alternatives for Samsung Galaxy Repair and Replacement

In the year 2017, Samsung has revealed its 2 smartphones- Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. This flagship denoted a new era in edge to edge displays with all-glass exterior and a great screen to body ratio. This elegantly pleasing model came accompanied with a major proviso; the phone’s external body is extremely vulnerable to splits […]

Hide Galaxy S10 hole Punch Camera! How to do it?

The latest Samsung cell phone device has made headlines since it’s been launched in the month of March this year. The Samsung Galaxy S10 remains a myth for some point of time before its official launching rumors were at their peak that it is coming with multiple changes in terms of design, software, and display. […]

Samsung galaxy s8 review

Your very first looks at Samsung Galaxy S8 turn your mind to have it within no time. Its large bezel-less display is without any doubt would be fascinating for the Android lover. On the other hand, its screen quality is up to the mark. When it comes to fingerprint scanner it would be a little […]

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