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On Which Temperature AC is most Efficient and Energy Saving

Buying an AC is gradually becoming no more a luxury in India. The machine is now becoming quite common in India as you can see, many urban homes fitted with it.

But one thing that everyone knows is that along with the initial AC price investment, but also comes the risk of increasing power bills.

Yes, cooling may consume a lot of power units leading to a hefty light bill every month, but with some steps, it can be reduced. And one of them is maintaining the right temperature for the AC. Read on this post for more details!

What elements affect the electricity consumption of an AC?

Majorly 4 factors influence the consumption of electricity of an AC such as:

  • Indoor air temperature
  • Outdoor temperature
  • Room’s thermal insulation, and
  • AC temperature setting

If the difference indoor and outdoor temperature and your desired temperature is more, then you may assume that your AC will need more units. Yes, it will consume more electricity to cool the indoor air to your desired temperature and to do that; the compressor will run for long. If you have set the AC temperature 18 degrees and its 38 degrees outside, then the power units will be consumed by your AC on a large scale. You can save a lot more on your power bills by keeping the AC temperature at 24 degrees when it’s 38 degrees outside. Increasing 1 degree of thermostat setting can help you save 3-5% of units. Overall, it can bring down your monthly AC bill significantly.

What is the ideal temperature of AC that you should set?

Many people don’t know that an increase in the AC temperature will not curtail the comfort level in the room. Many studies suggest that the perfect temperature for comfort is between 23-25 degrees during summers, but in cas your AC not cooling properly it also depends on many local factors. Thus, the ideal temperature on which AC is more efficient and energy saving are 24 degrees. Not only it provides good comfort level but even helps save on the light bill. Once you have achieved the perfect cooling in your room, you can also start the fan at a slower speed to help circulate the cool air without further straining the AC. But if you live on the top floor, then you should avoid it as it may increase the room temperature as the fan may circulate hot air being taken from the roof directly.   

Is it smart to buy an inverter AC to enjoy cooling without expensive power bills?

Nowadays, an inverter AC is one of the most preferred variants of the air conditioners that large numbers of people in India are buying. It is helping them not only enjoy quick cooling but even without worrying about the fat electricity bills.

An inverter AC works by not keeping the compressor on and off. It adjusts the compressor speed to regulate the refrigerant flow rate leading to less consumption of current. It is not affected by any temperature fluctuations in the room, and the machine adjusts its capacity to eliminate any need for the on and off the compressor – leading to bigger consumption of power.

Hence, when you invest in an inverter AC, it can surely help you save up to 25% on light bills compared to non-inverter air conditioners. The initial investment on it may be more because of a bit higher AC price in the market. But the savings that it provides your months after months simply lets you pocket savings despite using it for most times.

If you are ready to save on your running of ACs this summer, then you can consider buying an inverter AC. You can compare all available models in the market and then pick one that best matches your preferences and budget.    

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