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Phone & PC Spy Software – TheOneSpy Review

Cell phones are one of the popular gadgets and people are dependent on it no time ever before. You can see young kids, tweens, teens, adults, and even the older ones using phones for many reasons. The contemporary smartphones offer users such exciting experience through plenty of apps including the social networking apps, online games, dating apps, music files storage capacity, and plenty of other fascinating stuff. On the other hand, computer machines are also famous among people with OS windows and MAC. The people worldwide use computer laptop devices for business reasons, kids use them for entertainment to watch movies and use instant messengers.

The young kids and teens are the most miserable community in particular when it comes to the usage of contemporary phones such as Android, IOS, and blackberries.  On the other hand, modern cell phones are equally beneficial for business purposes. However, couples these days use smartphones frequently to get connected. However, people are using cell phone monitoring software for plenty of reasons. Let’s discuss the best of the best spy app for cell phones.

TheOneSpy – Ultimate Spy App for Phone & Computers

It is multipurpose spy software to spy on cell phones running with different operating systems such as Android, and iOS. Furthermore, it is also effective for the monitoring of computer desktops devices. In-short TOS is the complete monitoring package that helps set parental control on kid’s phones and computers. Moreover, you can use it for tracking your employee’s company’s owned gadgets and devices such as smartphones and laptop devices to scrutinize their work productivity. It is best for catching the cheating spouse by tracking their phones.

The reason behind its popularity and efficiency its state of the art spying features that provide you up to the mark cell phone and computer spying tools. However, it’s far reasonable in price as compared to its competitors in the online market. TOS is the symbol of tracking & monitoring software worldwide and their customer care teams guide you in such a way that a Non-tech savvy person can use it easily. Its interface is very user-friendly and it is because of the developers that have programmed the particular spy app in a way that you can use it without facing difficulties.

How does TheOneSpy Spy App Works?

First of all, visit the official website to subscribe to the monthly or yearly subscription plan. Then you will receive an email with the credentials and you can install on your target phone or computer having access to the control panel. Once you have done with the process successfully, you will have an option either you want to use it secretly or not. If you want to use it under complete secrecy, then hide the icon of the monitoring app. Now you can activate it on the target smartphone or laptop.

Precautions for Phone Spy App User

A user has to get a stable internet connection at the time of the installation process and at the time of tracking the target gadget or machine. On the other hand, you need to confirm either your target cell phone gadget or computer is compatible with the target. The application is compatible with Android, IOS, and blackberries phones and MAC and Windows machines.

Packages of TheOneSpy Monitoring Software

TOS has offered two packages such as Xlite, and TOS premier plans.  Each plan has its own set of features that allow you to do surveillance on your target phone. The premier plan of TheOneSpy allows a user to use all the features to monitor completely a target smartphone device. However, the windows and MAC spy apps do not fall in the packages. A user has to subscribe separately to spy on the devices.

Features for Spying on a Cell Phone

There are dozens of features that TOS has offered, but we will discuss it out of the few due to the limited time we have.

Spy360 – Surroundings Spy Tool

You can record and listen to the surrounding sounds and conversations happen on the phone through live surround listening. Further, it enables a user to view live visuals by hacking the camera of the cell phone to get live streaming. It is possible when to use spy 360 live camera streaming. However, broadcast the screen of your target phone lives into an online TOS control panel with spy 360 live screen sharing.

Phone GPS Location Tracker

Track the location of your target phone with GPS location tracker and come to know the exact and current location, location history and mark safe and restricted areas for the device.

Voice Call Spy

Record and listen to the calls with the call recorder app and then save recorded stuff into the online web portal.

Instant Messengers (IM’s) & Social Media

View social media activities to the fullest through IM’s social media of the cell phone spyware. You can view IM’s messages, text conversations, shared photos, videos, and VOICE messages.

Remotely Control Phone

You can control the phone remotely with the help of a remote phone controller. You can control the phone by blocking calls, messages, and the internet.

Features of MAC Computer Spy Software

Website Blocking

If you don’t want to let your target user particular websites for some odd reasons, then you can put the URLs of websites into MAC spy app filters. Then your target user will not be able to use blocked websites.

MIC Bug to Listen to the Surroundings Remotely

You can hack the MIC of the MAC machine by using the MIC bug app and can listen to the conversations and surround voices.

Screen Recording to Record Screen Activities

You can do surveillance on the MAC laptop device screen and make back to back short videos of the screen and can view all the activities happen the machine.

Features for Windows Computers (PC Spy Software)

Block Inappropriate Websites

Block all the unwanted websites on your target windows desktop by putting the URLs into windows spy software filters.

User-Friendly Reports

You can get time-to-time reports regarding all the activities to happen on your Windows computer. It will keep you updated about your target person activities.

Mighty Alarms

You can fix alarms on the particular activities that a target person is used to. Just set the alarms and get indications.


TheOneSpy is a multipurpose monitoring software, best for parenting, undisputed spying app for tracking employee’s activities, and speechless tool for catching cheating spouses.



  1. […] TheOneSpy gets installed easily on digital devices either mobile or desktop. Make sure that you install it on your kid’s Android mobile device or Windows-based PC or a MAC. Once you do that you will able to monitor all the Facebook messages  (including a long list of other social media) activities that your kid performs to take measures to rationalize his or her Facebook and social media usage before things get out of hands. TheOneSpy not only gives you updated information in the form of videos and screen snapshots of the Facebook usage of your kid’s device it also will aid you to block Facebook apps and the websites on the devices that your kid uses. […]


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