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Tools That Give Your Company a Chance against Corrupt Employees

Disgruntled and dishonest employees can put your business at risk and employers have to take care of their business especially when they are dealing with the number of employees single-handedly. They should keep an eye on each and every single activity they performed on company-owned devices such as cell phones, gadgets, and computer machines. Most of the employers usually provide access to the employees to all the data stored in the company’s owned devices and the employees can easily get access to it in the name of given tasks.

So, there is an involvement of high risk of the breach in terms of private and sensitive information of the organization that really brings your business to top to bottom. So, there is a great need to protect all the sensitive data of the business organization. Because over the years employees directly or indirectly have found to destroy the business of a company due to some odd reasons especially in terms of doing something fishy.

How can employers prevent fishy activities of corrupt employees?

The use of technology in terms of monitoring software can really make a difference rather than sitting idle in the office desk and be ignoring all the suspicious activities of your employees. Obviously, without making a check and balance ultimately makes your employees ill-disciplined and they will not bother in terms of productivity and obviously, it will harm your business.

However, they can get involved in such activities that can totally destroy your business such as stealing of confidential information that you are going to launch sooner, information and policy of your company and a time comes when you will suddenly get to know the strategies you have made have been leaked and your competitor has done the same thing before you do. So, corrupt employees can destroy your business to the fullest and you have to do some arrangements to protect your business and to catch the corrupt employees red handed.

Use employee monitoring app tool against corrupt employees

Simply install cell phone and computer monitoring app on your target company’s owned smartphones, smart gadgets and even on the computer machines such as laptops and desktops, if your company’s devices are running with the Android and IOS phones and gadgets and as well as computer machines with MAC and Windows operating systems.

Then you need to subscribe to the mobile phone and PC monitoring software. You will get an email along with the credentials and then you just need to have physical access on your devices and install it. Once you have done it then you just need to use the passcode and ID and get access to the online control panel of the cell phone and computer tracking app. Furthermore, you can visit the employee monitoring tools that will help you out to catch your corrupt employees to the fullest. Let’s discuss all of the states of the art tools and then you will be able to prevent fishy activities of the employees and can protect your business to the fullest.

Call monitoring app

You can listen to and record the lives calls of your employees working as customer care representatives and I am sure that use the company’s mobile phones and gadgets to deal with the customers. You can listen to the conversation and get to know how they deal with the client’s mobile phone calls with the call spy app.

 GPS location tracker

It is the common thing when employers send their employees outside the premises of the company to deal with supply responsibilities and often they spend leisure time with friends and family outside on the name of duty. You can simply track the location of your dishonest employees with GPS tracker and get to know the pin-point location of your employees along with location history and you can mark allowed and prohibited route for to your workers.

IM’s Social Media

You can monitor the social media activities of your employees within the working hours and get to know either they are using the messengers such as Skype and WhatsApp for the communication between the employees or for having fun. You can view text messages, chat conversations, audio and video conversations shared media files and WhatsApp Voice message and Facebook Voice calls.

TOS spy360

It enables you to listen to the surround conversations of your employees within the working hours and listen to any sort of conspiracy against the company or against the honest employees with spy360 live surround listening. Moreover, you can view surrounds with spy360 live camera streaming.

Blocked websites

You can block all the websites that are time wasting or against the productivity on both window and MAC using computer monitoring app for Windows and MAC.

Screen recording

You can make short videos of the screen and get to know what sort of activities they are doing on the target MAC device using the MAC spy app.

MIC bug app

You can use it to record and listen to surround sounds and conversations of the company’s owned cell phones and gadgets and get to know what is happening and what your employees are talking about.

Data backup

No matter what sort of data you have stored on your device, the entire stored private data will have a backup to the online control panel of the cell phone and computer surveillance software. In-case an irresponsible employee has destroyed it, you can retrieve all of it using the online control panel.


Mobile phone and PC spy app tools can give a handy chance against your company’s corrupt employees and you can prevent fishy activities and can protect your business to the fullest and catch dishonest employees red-handedly.



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