Top Motion Graphic Trends That Are Here To Stay

Motion graphics continue to change and evolve over time. Some trends are here to stay while some exist as a seasonal fad. It is essential for every designer to keep up with these updates and changes in design trends. However, it is not essential that every such motion graphic trend would work for every form of animated content. You have to research, pre-plan and analyze why a certain animation type would work for you and what would not. You also have the option to merge more than animation styles together to form an entirely new trend that provides you with a sense of innovation and modernism.

You simply need to know what your niche is animation creation and select a motion graphics trend that results in an impeccable form of animation wonder. If you are looking for a contemporary twist in motion design then here are the top trends expected to prevail in the year 2019:

Animated Typography

The use of typography has existed for decades and this trend continues to triumph over every other animation trend of today’s time. When you are creating an animation with a typography design then you have to put your entire focus on the font styles. Try to use trendy and capitalized font styles to enhance the readability of your message and introduce a flair of modernism to it. The concept of minimalism has been around for quite some time in animations and typographic animations follow the same trend as well.

Transform your message into the form of a compelling animated visual and it will easily reach out to the right audience. The trends in typography animations are comprised of collage, macro, bold and kinetic animations. With that said, typography is not a design trend that began in the year 2018 instead it has been around for a long time and it is expected to stay in 2019 as well.

Retro and Vintage Vibes

The retro dream is finally back with visually trendy and aesthetically pleasing vintage animations. Use of retro animations is not only limited to book covers or illustrations instead you can make use of this notion now in animations as well. You have to bring a sense of nostalgia in your animated video content to give it a panache of modernism and retroism.

Retro aesthetics were basically part of the 80s dream but this motion graphic trend made a comeback in the year 2018 and aspects of its use will definitely stick around for a long time. The key is to form a sense of association and connection between your viewer and your brand and it is possible by giving your animations a retro vibe.

Sense of Minimalism

If your animation is not simple then it will not be memorable to the masses. It is a requirement for every motion graphic to have a simplistic visual appeal. You have to extend your message to your audience and in order for them to know your significance; you should rely on the notion of minimalism. Minimal design elements in your video can make your brand message easy to perceive and understand and you can do so by incorporating the concept of minimalism.

This trend was prevalent in book covers and graphic designs but animations have started to use it as well. Having a trendy yet smaller font size can enhance the readability of your message in animations and you can even select a minimal color palette to make the design stick out.

Diverse Collection of Handwritten Fonts

Handwritten letters and font styles were used for the covers of mystery books but you can now use them in your animation video. Customization is essential if you are looking for uniqueness as following a default pattern in animations can make the visual appeal of your content stagnant and boring. For that reason, handwritten design elements have been introduced as they provide you with a flair of personalization.

You can simply customize this design trend to suit your preferences and it will give life to an entirely unique and new animation form. An animation with handwritten elements should use bold font styles to bring the attention of your viewers to the message you want to convey.

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