VidPaw 2019 Review: The Best Free Online Video Downloader

Today, online videos have become a part of our daily lives. We will meet or use videos almost everywhere, for example, upload videos to YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram to share the moments in our lives; watch TV shows, movies, funny video clips on video streaming platforms to spend our free time.

Because of online video streaming is not so convenient – people have to connect to a Wi-Fi or using a good network to load the videos with good quality. That’s why many people are searching for a reliable online video downloader on Google. So in this review, the best free online video downloader – VidPaw will be introduced to you. After reading, you will be convinced by this professional downloader.


People Will Need VidPaw Under These Situations

Why VidPaw Online Video Downloader Will Be Your Best Choice

Download YouTube Videos on iPhone/Android/PC with VidPaw

People Will Need VidPaw Under These Situations

We would have many times thinking to download online videos for offline playback like the following examples. Are you also one of these people?

  • Want to watch videos while you are outdoor

You will not always stay at home. When you are waiting for a bus or waiting for somebody, it’s perfect for you to kill time by streaming videos. But how if there has no Wi-Fi and using mobile data is not so economical? As a result, you need to download online videos, preparing for streaming outdoor.

  • You need to save the online video to the USB stick

When your TV can’t connect to the computer, but sometimes you may want to download online movies or TV shows for playing on your TV. It’s a good idea to use a USB stick. Therefore, downloading online videos with online video download is necessary.

  • Desire to save YouTube video to MP3 for stream back

Instead of downloading the YouTube video, you may only want to convert YouTube video to MP3 and save the audio file on your device for playback. Under this circumstance, converting and downloading YouTube video to MP3 is also needed.

More situations when you want to download or convert online videos with some online downloaders will occur. So for your convenience, we set this review to introduce you the best one – VidPaw. Now move to the next part.

Why VidPaw Online Video Downloader Will Be Your Best Choice

VidPaw Online Downloader always works hard to fit its dear users. With a clean and safe interface, users don’t need to worry about being interrupted by some annoying pop-up ads. Also, VidPaw is highly available on all browsers and most devices such as iPhone/iPad, Android phone/tablet, Mac, Windows, etc. More than that, VidPaw’s high compatibility also allows users to download online videos & audios from 1,000+ sites.

VidPaw brings a new update this year, and I’d like you to introduce you to its main features.

  • A Powerful Built-in Search Engine

To bring more convenient service to users, VidPaw brings a search engine on its website to make users get the online videos more easily. Simply type the keyword or URL of the online video to the search bar on VidPaw, the results will come out to you. You can stream the video directly on VidPaw or download it for playback later.

  • Stream HD Videos Online

As mentioned above, after searching for the online video, users can steam it on VidPaw with HD quality as you do on YouTube. Just click the gear icon in the lower right corner of the video, and you can change the video streaming quality as you want.

  • YouTube to MP3 Converter

For those people who need to convert YouTube to MP3 and download it to their devices, VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter is also here to help. Users can download MP3 YouTube videos with the highest quality in 320 kbps. Afterward, you can stream the audio more conveniently.

Now VidPaw also works for providing a VidPaw APK for Android users to play online videos and download them more easily. Let’s just wait for its coming.

Download YouTube Videos on iPhone/Android/PC with VidPaw

Now you must be more familiar with VidPaw. Then you should turn to the tutorial on how to use VidPaw now. Here we provide the simple steps to help you learn how to download YouTube videos easily on iPhone/Android/PC via VidPaw.

① Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

STEP 1. Open App Store on your iPhone and search for Documents to install it.

STEP 2. Copy the URL of your favorite YouTube video that you need to download. You can copy it on the YouTube platform or YouTube App.

STEP 3. Launch Documents and go to its built-in browser. Enter VidPaw’s website and head to it. Then paste the URL to the frame bar, and click on “Download”.

STEP 4. When the output selections come out, select one for your YouTube video and hit the “Download” button to download it to the folder in Documents. After that, you can watch the YouTube video offline.

② Download YouTube Videos on Android

STEP 1. Open any browser on Android and go to YouTube to copy the URL of the YouTube video that are going to be downloaded.

STEP 2. Switch to a new tab and go to VidPaw. Paste the URL to the bar, and click “Download” to load the information of the video.

STEP 3. From the output selection list, choose the one you like and click “Download” to save the YouTube video to your Android device for playback later.

③ Download YouTube Videos on PC

STEP 1. Go to YouTube and copy the YouTube video URL from the video page.

STEP 2. Direct to VidPaw, then paste the URL to the frame bar and click “Download” to load the video information.

STEP 3. Select an output format from the upcoming list, for example, MP4 720P, then click “Download” to download the YouTube video to PC.

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