A Watchdog app computer

A Watchdog app for Computers

Google and Facebook are known as the biggest watchdog of all time when it comes to activities that user performed on the search engine using the services of the company and same is the case with the social media app. Technology has over the years developed the number of tools that can monitor the target device to the fullest once it is connected to the cyberspace. Computer monitoring software is a type of monitoring tool that allows users to use it as a watchdog and deploy it on certain PCs such as windows and MAC desktop and laptop machines. Therefore, a watchdog for computer machines can be used for parenting and employee monitoring. However, the computer surveillance app has the number of tools to spy on laptops and desktops devices for MAC and Windows operating systems.

TheOneSpy Computer tracking app features

It has plenty of features that can be used to do surveillance on windows and MAC computer devices. Therefore, the Computer monitoring app for computer machines has different tools for different operating systems. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Windows monitoring app features

Website blocking

You can block websites you want on the target windows machine. All you need to do is to put the URLs of the websites into the filters. Then the target person won’t be able to access the blocked websites.

Mighty alarms

You can fix the alarms on the particular activities that target user usually performed on the windows laptop or desktop device. The mighty alarms will alarm you about the particular activities on which they have fixed earlier.

User –friendly reports

It will provide the user –friendly reports regarding all the activities being performed on the target windows laptop computer device along with the complete time stamp.

On-Demand screenshots

It is obvious there are many activities performed by the user on a windows device. So, on-demand screenshots empower the user to remotely capture the screenshots of the activities that keep you updated all the time.

Invisible mod tracking

The invisible remote installer enables a user to perform sheath mode tracking and it will make you sure about uninfluenced tracking.

Online offline tracking

Apart from many other productivity assessment tools, windows spy app provide you both online and offline modes of tracking to the fullest.

Real-Time monitoring

A user can get all the reports and performance monitoring on the target windows device in real –time using windows spy app.

MAC spy app features

Website blocking

It happens in the offices when employees use the company’s owned MAC laptops or desktops for personal use and get access to the entertaining websites. You can block all the websites on MAC with MAC tracking app by putting the URLs into the filters. Then no one will get access to the blocked websites on the target device running with the MAC.

MIC bug

A user can remotely get control over the target MAC device MIC and can record and listen to the surround sounds and conversations. This will help out user what is happening around the target device to the fullest.

Camera bug

It happens many times during the working hours when employees leave their devices idle and then get out from the company’s premises and waste time within the working hours. MAC tracking software enables you to remotely get control over the front camera of the target MAC laptop device and get to know who is up to the device at the moment.

Screen recording

A user can remotely make back to back short videos of the screen and then save these videos to the online control panel of the MAC surveillance app. A user can view these videos and get to know what target person is doing on the target device.


You can get your hands on all the keystrokes applied on the target MAC laptop and desktop device with the help of keylogger tool. It enables user get all the keystrokes applied on the device such as password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, messages keystrokes and email keystrokes that the target user has applied on the device running with MAC OS.


TheOneSpy computer Monitoring Software for MAC and windows enable you to track all the activities happen on the target device along with the complete time stamp.

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