Website Optimization Services for 2018

Website Optimization Services for 2018

Improve user engagement

Simply put, user engagement is the amount of time a user spends on your website, the capability of your website to retain a user. Now search engines, do reward websites with high user engagement! And the prize is credible visibility. This is because search engines assume that a website that holds users for long, possibly has some useful content up on it.

Add content

Your website optimization services need to make sure, you have enough and more content up on your site. It is noticed that search engines provide high rankings to pages that have a high amount of content. One recommendation here is that preferably make your existing content longer. Update it and keep it fresh. Rather than starting from scratch and writing 2,000 words. Make a shift from the already written 1,000 words until you complete 2,000 words.

Video SEO

Youtube is the second largest search engine. With more than 3 billion searches per month, youtube has the 2nd highest users as compared to Bing and Yahoo combined. A lot of your potential traffic can be coming from videos, that is why we focus on the need for “Video SEO”. Detailed descriptions, longer videos, titles with keywords and improved thumbnails are your ways to attaining the needed video SEO.

The Topic rather than the Keyword

Now rather than just focusing on the way a user will frame a query i.e. a keyword, focus on the topic therein. Contemplate on how effectively will you solve a user query. The evolving Google algorithm is now trying its best to understand, user intention, user expectations, what do they seek and what could possibly be the best answer to a query. So now it’s not about the no. of keywords, but the amount of value you add to a user’s needs.


No matter what you’ve heard, backlinks still play a vital role to help rank pages above all. A websites backlink profile is yet a reliable indicator to provide it good visibility. What is different here is that low-quality spammy links won’t work for yours. Your website optimization services must focus on building high-quality content reach or influencer marketing, to make a difference.

Now if you’ve read some of the major strategies for SEO and are in fix about how are you going to get it done? We are right here to make things simpler for you! PostBox Communications is a leading advertising agency located in Mumbai. It offers a completely reliable and credible website optimization services. You can vouch for us to providing you the best! Also, There are some Web Design Tips That You May Apply

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