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What is Cyberbullying and How to Protect Kids Online Privacy?


Cyberbullying is a criminal offense of harassing individuals in the internet world. Cyber Bullying is mostly seen on social media platforms. At the moment, this offense is given a criminal status and is punishable. Governments enforce strict laws throughout the world against this crime. A special cell called “Cyber cell” is installed in countries for the investigation of such crimes.

Students studying in their high school years are the ones having huge involvement in this offensive crime. In fact, in most cases around the world, it is seen that the bully was someone the victim already knew. The main motive behind Cyberbullying involves revenge from the victim by embarrassing them in front of everyone. Even in some cases, one-sided lovers or, more precisely, stalkers are seen harassing the victims.

Cyberbullying is done in different ways. The one thing common in all these ways is blackmailing the victim.

  • Threat Messages:

Sending repetitive threat messages through social media platforms to the victim is a way to harass the victim. The bully may ask for various favors from the victim and threaten the individual on any disagreement. The bully could be some admirer asking for a forced relationship or someone who just wants to finish a few regular tasks from someone else. This may also involve sending abusive messages or also spreading obscenity.

  • Online Stalking:

This involves keeping a constant eye on the victim’s movements. Obsession towards the victim leads to online stalking. Various people have a habit, or some have a profession that asks them to constantly update their status on a social media platform. Thus, it is really easy to find out where and at what time a person is or will be. The stalker can constantly follow and poke the victim. This involves a huge invasion of the victim’s privacy.

  • Rumors:

This is a very easy and basic form of Cyberbullying. This is mostly seen in various schools and workplaces. Simply spreading rumors about a victim to insult and embarrass them is done. The internet is the fastest mode to spread any news. Speaking ill about the victim and spreading that on the internet is one way to harass them. It may involve spreading indecent words about the victim’s physical appearance or character to embarrass the victim in front of everyone.

  • Blackmailing:

Threatening to spread the victim’s nude pictures or sometimes actually leaking those on social media is involved in this type. The pictures can be morphed or even sent by the victim with trust to someone over the internet.

  • Trolling:

Trolling can be seen everywhere at this moment. A large percentage of victims are the big, renowned personalities around the world. Normal people are also seen to be harassed by this form. It involves making fun of people over the internet. Speaking ill about the victim and also abusing the victim in front of a huge audience.


The punishable criminal offense called “Cyber Bullying” can be very provoking and responsible for high mental torture. A large number of cases in the past have seen suicides by the victims. When the victim is facing Cyberbullying, he or she does not open up to anyone about it. They do not ask for help instead think the single and best way to stop this torture is by ending their own life. A few ways of protecting online privacy of kids‘ are mentioned below.

  • Spread awareness about cybercrime:

There are times when the victim takes a long time to realize that it is called Cyberbullying. Till that time, a huge amount of loss is already caused to the victim. These are most likely the times when it is hard for the victim to handle the situation. Spreading awareness about Cyber Bullying will allow spreading knowledge about what this criminal act is. How to save oneself from it and what needs to be done once you are the victim.

  • Keep an open environment at home:

Keeping an open environment at home allows your children to be free to talk to you. They should not feel scared of you while telling any problems they are facing in their lives. Don’t just act like a friend to them but be one.

  • Stop the blame game:

When your child comes to you with some issue, be calm about it. Stop blaming the child for what has happened. The first thing you do after listening to them should be to be their support. They are already feeling stressed and freaked out, try helping them. Tell them that nothing wrong will happen to them. Be mental support to them.

  • Teach children the right online behavior:

Let your child know all the dos and don’ts of the online culture. Teach them the importance of privacy for others and them also. Let them know the right behavior and manners to be shown on social media platforms.

  • Keep track of your child’s online activities:

Be aware of all the activities that your child is doing on social media platforms. Guide your child over things to sharing and downloading content from social media. Let them know the after-effects of oversharing. Teach them how to handle things that upset them on these platforms.

  • Take the right steps:

When your child comes to you with a Cyberbullying issue, take the right steps required for helping your child. . Ask them not to respond to any of this bullying. Also, keep the proofs of the threats or vulgar messages. Do not delete those chats or videos. Go to the police if required.



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