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What is WordPress? 3 Reasons why You Should Use It

WordPress is a Content Management System, otherwise simply known as a CMS, which allows a user to create and manage their personal website with a few simple clicks. It is by far the most popular system for web-making out there, powering a total of 35% of all websites on the internet.

Those numbers are indeed impressive, and today I want to talk more about WordPress and its benefits for those looking to create a simple, yet effective website for their business. How can a simple platform like this, power websites for sites like NBC news, Sony, the New York Times, etc?

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Well, let’s find out by discussing a few of the most popular WordPress features offered to the user..

Main benefits of WordPress

WordPress websites are SEO-friendly

If you want to rank high with your business website. There isn’t a better option than WordPress, simple as that. Google and other search engines really appreciate the easiness to scan and understand the content of a WP website, compared to other CMS alternatives, which may not be programmed the same way.

Another and perhaps, the most important thing is the fact that WordPress is constantly updated, along with the many plugins and tools that come with it. This one of the key factors for rankings towards the top for a keyword – not only is it important to create relevant content, but to keep up with the latest security protocols online and other technical aspects.

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WordPress sites are mobile-ready

Another thing that is very important for search engines nowadays – a website’s mobile readiness, also known as mobile responsiveness. In simple terms, the site has to be adapted well for mobile use if you want to rank high. With WordPress you won’t have any headaches of trying to make your blog or business site doing great on these types of devices.

Just prepare some good content and a basic structure and you’re pretty much ready to go, since the environment is already ready for mobile users.

WordPress is flexible in terms of functionality

Not only do you get the ability to create very basic websites, you can add plenty of more functionality in accordance with your needs. That is one of the beauties of this CMS – huge flexibility for different purpose websites.

Just go into the plugin section/marketplace for WP and you’ll see for yourself. Feel like you need a Contact Form for leads, a neat image gallery or a shopping cart? 

You can do that by adding a few of these addons to your website. Whether their free simple plugins, or more complex stuff that you have to pay for, you can basically add and remove anything at will, even after your website grows and expands.

All in all,

In this article, I’ve mentioned the 3 main reasons for why every business and blog-type website owner should be using a website. 

Not only does it help you rank high on Google, it has great functionality and can be used as a means for mobile customer engagement, since it’s very adaptive for mobile devices, and that’s why it’s so great.

Addison Albert
Addison is a digital marketing expert and business developer at He loves to write on internet marketing, social media marketing and how to improve online business tips. To know more about his work follow him on his social platforms.


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