What are the Advantages of Using WhatsApp Marketing Tool?

In today’s digital world, using social media to market and promote a brand or a business is proving to be a beneficial and smart way of building a solid presence in the market. Many brands are using the internet and World Wide Web to attract new customers.

WhatsApp has become one of the most favorite and loved apps in the market in less time. The app has more than 1.5 billion users across the world. New users are joining the app every day in a huge number. From being extensively used by the young adult generation, the app is now being used by people from almost all age groups.

Using WhatsApp marketing tool is an innovative way to connect with users from various sections of the society and from all age groups. Inspired by the success, WhatsApp has launched an app for business enterprises in selected markets. Named WhatsApp Business, the app has been designed to help medium and large scale business enterprises communicate and interact with users throughout the world.

But WhatsApp does not support ads which mean that the app cannot be used to display ads. So how do enterprises use the app?

Simple! The enterprises will have to download WhatsApp Business using a valid phone number. They can then integrate the app with their system and database to access the app from a web application. Many companies in the market provide API integration services.

This allows enterprises to request early access to the app. Enterprises can send messages to users just as any other user would. Instead of placing ads like it is done on other social media websites, enterprises will send messages to users, promoting their brand.

The messages can be sent and received in the form of text, images, audio and video files, and documents. Users can reply to the messages with questions and queries. Using WhatsApp can help enterprises to finalize transactions in the same chatbox. This will result in increased sales and profits for the enterprises.

The following are some of the advantages of using WhatsApp marketing tool to promote a brand using WhatsApp Business.

  • Send Bulk Messages
    • The API integration allows enterprises to send messages in bulk to numerous users, irrespective of their location.
    • The phone numbers from the database are imported to the platform and promotional messages can be sent with a single click.
  • Unlimited Characters in Text
    • There is no limit to the number of characters that can be included in a message, unlike the SMS.
    • Long messages can be sent to users with details about the product or service. And because the companies provide bulk message packages, it is a sensible option to include product details in a single message rather than send numerous shorter messages.
  • Include Hyperlinks and Media Files
    • The rich interface allows users and enterprises to share interactive media files.
    • The app provides previews of hyperlinks to users making it easier to know what the link is about.
    • Images and video files can be used to attract users’ attention towards a product.
    • High-quality colorful pictures of a product will act as a visual stimulus and prompt the users to purchase the product when compared to simple text messages.         
    • Brochures and catalogues can be sent to users to provide them with additional information.
  • Two-way Communication
    • WhatsApp provides end to end encryption for private chats that keeps the data secure at all times.
    • Users can respond to the promotional messages and even initiate messages from their side.
    • Enterprises can help users with product discovery by providing them with details about the product the users are looking for.
  • Get Instant Delivery Reports
    • API integration allows enterprises to keep track of the messages sent and received. The delivery reports for the messages read by users will be updated on the dashboard.         
  • Create Groups to Send Personalized Bulk Messages
    • The list of users can be categorized into different groups and labeled based on their product preferences and purchase history.
    • Bulk messages can be customized to include exclusive offers based on users’ choices for improved sales.
    • The messages can be personalized to include users’ names, etc. and sent in bulk. Festival greetings and promotional messages that include the names of users usually get more attention when compared to standard bulk messages.
  • Schedule Campaigns
    • Recurring promotional messages can be scheduled to be sent as pre-fixed date and time.
    • This allows enterprises to plan their marketing strategy over a time span to make it more effective.

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