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Why GTA games is best?


Few video games have achieved the heights of success like Grand Theft Auto, popularly known simply as GTA. The title is developed by Rockstar Games and delivers awesome graphics, excellent characters, a gripping plot and one of the widest open world gaming environments in the industry. There have been many gripping titles in the GTA series such as GTA Vice City and GTA V but arguably the most memorable one is GTA San Andreas. Set in the fictional city of Los Santos, it is a glorious mesh of Hollywood and the inner city streets. Here is more about GTA and it’s latest, mobile version.

Why GTA games are great

There are a million reasons why GTA is the best open world, mission game today but we’ll delve into the most important ones:

  • GTA Introduced the violent, thug life gaming genre

From its humble beginnings in the late 1990s as a cops and robbers game known as Race n Chase, this title has always incorporated a good dose of street violence into its plotlines. While the initial iteration was mild, titles such as GTA San Andreas and GTA V celebrate violence in all its forms. This has created waves of admiration as well as criticism in equal measure and skyrocketed GTA to digital superstardom.

  • The open world experience is mind boggling

It is a tried and true fact that you can play GTA V, Vice City or San Andreas for hours simply driving up and down the streets without engaging in a single game-critical mission. The games have extremely huge open world for you to explore. In the latest titles, you can even fly planes and go underwater!

  • The games are packed full of Easter eggs

In the world of gaming, Easter eggs are clues to other games, movies, plot twists, a boost in supplies or tips on getting farther in the game at a quicker rate. GTA games are chock full of these Easter eggs and gamers enjoy exploring its open world to find them.

Discover GTA San Andreas Mobile

This dearly loved video game title was recently adapted for mobile devices and released for iOS and Android. Ever since Rockstar Games announced that they’d be making a mobile version, the anticipation was at fever pitch. That said, it was received with warm accolades upon launch and here’s what it contains.


Similar to the PC and console versions, gta san andreas mobile is a mission-based game with an epic storyline. You play the game as Carl, a former gang-banger who returns to Los Santos after his mom’s death to get some revenge on her killers. You’re expected to explore the open world setting to fulfill missions with a host of guns, cars, motorcycles, Non-Player Characters (NPCs) and bicycles at your disposal. In true GTA flair, you can also purchase houses, pick up hookers and go clubbing at your pleasure!

Controls, graphics and overall feel

In the mobile version of this game, the graphics were improved so as to deliver a crisp experience on high end devices. The fantastic colors and textures that you enjoy in the PC and console versions of this game are reflected beautifully. The audio is also fantastically engineered for the smaller speakers on most mobile devices. Through this, the game’s authenticity is maintained.

The game controls were also adapted so as to enhance the touch screen playing experience. It can take some time get used to the touchscreen controls due to the dramatic shift from a controller or a keyboard. Despite this, continuous playing will get your fingers used to the soft touch controls. You can use flick, analog or on-screen controls depending on your personal preference.

The buttons on your left are for movement while those on the right are dedicated to actions as well as the camera. A great additional facility in GTA San Andreas Mobile is that you can pair a HD Compliant or Bluetooth controller such as the Moga for additional comfort during control.

To enjoy this game with the best possible frame rate, you can adjust various aspects of your mobile device’s display such as the resolution, targeting modes, frame limiter, draw distance, reflections, shadows and visual effects.


Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is one of the most popular games to ever be released for computers, consoles and now mobile devices. It immerses you into a fictional world of money, violence, luxury and death. gta san andreas mobile delivers this beautiful chaos in a pocket-sized package for you to enjoy!

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