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Why is it Important to Use the Best Phishing Software to Block Phishing Attacks?

Phishing attacks are a growing concern for enterprises and organizations around the world. It has been found that $1.4 billion is lost to phishing attacks every year. And, this happens despite the enterprises having various antivirus software, spam filters, and malware filters in place.

The existing cybersecurity is just not being adequate and effective to detect and block the phishing emails. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that with advancing technology, attackers are becoming adept at slipping through the filters and becoming successful in duping the employees.

It is crucial to use the best phishing software to successfully counter and block the phishing emails. The latest anti phishing software that uses artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning algorithm will be able to outsmart the attackers and ensure complete cybersecurity.

The following are some of the differences between the latest anti phishing software and the traditional software.

Highly Scalable

The software can be used throughout the enterprise irrespective of its size and volume.

Not just the computers, but even the personal devices of the employees can be protected using the software.

There is no limit to the number of devices the anti phishing software can provide security for.

Effective Deployment

It takes very less time for the software to be deployed in the enterprise. The process can be handled in stages or can be conducted at once throughout the enterprise.

The best phishing software works well with any of the existing email systems such as G Suite, Exchange, Office 365, etc.

It provides an invisible protection layer and detects suspicious and malicious emails before they reach the system.

Total Protection

All kinds of phishing attacks are detected by the software.

Right from the most common ones such as the Business Email Compromise (BEC), Spear Phishing to the latest Zero Day Attack or the Whaling Attacks, the software uses advanced technology to identify the phishing emails.

User-friendly Banner

The software uses pop up banners to alert and educate the employees about a suspicious email.

In simple and easy-to-understand words, the software will explain to the employees about the email.

Malicious link, brand impersonation, fake logos, external link, etc. are some of the phrases used.

By clicking on the ‘know more’ option employees can learn about why the email has been recorded as suspicious and also understand how the frauds happen.

One-click Reporting

Reporting fraudulent emails is easy. Employees will only have to click on the report option that is available on the banner.

The email will be reported and the status will be updated on the interactive dashboard.

  1. Interactive Dashboard
    1. The software comes with a dashboard that allows the enterprises to keep track of the detected, blocked, and quarantined emails.
    1. The threats can be tracked and the graphical representations provide the enterprise with information about the attacks have successfully avoided.
  • No Added Plug-ins
    • The best phishing software does not require any additional plug-ins to be used on the computers on in the mobile phones.
  • Seamless Integration
    • The anti phishing software can be seamlessly integrated with any of the existing antivirus and spam ware filters.
    • It will as an additional security layer and ensure that no email passes undetected by the system.
  • Machine Learning Algorithm
    • The machine learning algorithm will study the email sending patterns of the employees and create behavioral patterns.
    • Whenever an email is received by the employees, its source traced to identify and notify the employee that the email has been sent from an external source claiming to a known colleague.
    • CEO fraud or such phishing attacks are identified using this technology.
  • Computer Vision Technology
    • Brand forgery emails are identified and blocked using this technology.
    • The software reads the email with high accuracy and detects the malicious code hidden in the empty logos and the URLs that take the employees to fake web pages.
    • Brand forgery is a phishing attack that is employed by many as it has been successful in duping the users and helping attackers gain access to confidential information.
    • Brand Profiling is done to compare the emails impersonating the ones sent by the famous brands. Domain spoofing attempts are noticed immediately and the users are alerted.
  • Use Anywhere on Any Device
    • The anti phishing software can be used on any device and from any location.
    • Employees who use their personal devices at work are equally secure.
    • They can continue to work from on-site or offshore locations and still be under the protection of the software.

The latest anti-phishing software was built on the cloud and runs on the cloud platform, thus becoming invisible.

Sulina Williams
Sulina is writing in the field of Technology from past 5 years. She is a geek in digital parenting hacks, social media analysis, and business marketing.


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