Hide Galaxy S10 hole Punch Camera! How to do it?

The latest Samsung cell phone device has made headlines since it’s been launched in the month of March this year. The Samsung Galaxy S10 remains a myth for some point of time before its official launching rumors were at their peak that it is coming with multiple changes in terms of design, software, and display. However, there are certain things that have not impressed the users likewise it is packed with features as Hole punch Camera. The hole punch camera is basically a front facing camera that has multiple shapes with respect to S10 models: pill type of shape. The irritating camera of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is placed at the right corner that is very annoying but at the same time, it distracts the user a lot.

Therefore, if you have found this expensive cell phone camera a bad job and you don’t have any solution then you don’t need to worry about it. The Samsung manufacturers had the foresight that this will really bring issues with respect to the user perspective. Therefore, you have an option to hide Samsung Galaxy S10 Hole Punch Camera within a couple of steps that are as follows.

Execute the following mention three steps to hide Hole Punch Camera on Galaxy S10


Go and visit the “Settings” app on Samsung Galaxy S10


Now you need to visit the “Display”


It is time to make a tap on “Full Screen Apps”

Now you need to slide a little towards “Hide front Camera” in order to turn the Option. Moreover, you will be able to see the Samsung Galaxy S10 set the camera and make the top section black. Fortunately, it will bring you to the more specs to display app notifications and the rest of the information is a status bar.

Here is review infographic designed by TheOneSpy Mobile & Computer monitoring software company. 

Infographic is all about the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 contemporary specs, software, design in general and pluses and as well as negatives in particular. In this infographic, you will get to know about complete and comprehensive detail about the device. Moreover,  you can read about the device security in terms of features likewise fingerprint sensor and face recognition either effective or not.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review infographic by TheOneSPy

Infographic Originally published on TheOneSpy Blog

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